Who am I? Who are you? What does this all mean?

I’m a horror novelist and humorist in Madison, Wisconsin. This is my blog where I write about whatever is on my mind — mostly horror fiction, musicals, and the publishing industry. Subscribe, and I’ll send you free e-copies of both my published books. (There’s a creepy one about zombies and Hamlet, and a goofy one about the weird stuff in the Bible.)

Previously, I wrote for places like Cracked, BuzzFeed, and Christ and Pop Culture. And I used to do a podcast where I interviewed slightly famous people about the stuff they’d changed their minds about. If you want to learn more about me, here’s a Q&A I published a while back.

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I'm an award-winning horror and humor writer in Madison, WI, and this is my blog. Subscribe to read both my books for free.


Award-winning author of OPHELIA, ALIVE and MURDER-BEARS, MOONSHINE, AND MAYHEM. Subscribe to my Substack to read them both for free. :)