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Hi Luke, we talked a bit on the Blocked and Reported page yesterday, and I read some of your essays last night, especially the ones about social media. You're dead on about all of it.

I believe this is the "White people hate Twitter because...." tweet you were referring to. I saw it too. https://mobile.twitter.com/byjoelanderson/status/1591118750517850114

Long story short, I was a big believer in this Woke stuff from about 2013-2016, but then after Trump won, people on the Left started getting meaner and crazier, and I only grew more and more alienated. It's taken a long time to purge the "you're a piece of shit, you're not progressive enough" mentality from my head, but it's gotten much easier knowing how many other people are feeling the same way I am.

Keep up the good work.

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How did you know about my coven and my nude yoga class?

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there's something seriously wrong with that dog's leg

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